Every hoteliers knows it...

After spending a soothing night your guests will cheerfully wake up to a new day. Freshly showered they will dress up for upcoming events. Last but not least, they will lace up their shoes. But where?

The hotel chair maybe, possibly on the edge of the bed or on top of the toilet lid. Obviously, this does not apply to all hotel guests. However, bearing in mind just where these shoes may have been the night before, be it public lavatories or puddles, there may certaily be some unpleasant souvenirs brought back to that hotel chair, edge of bed or toilet lid.
An end to that!

Important information for the hotels and hoteliers:

The order button on the right refers to orders from private customers - not for orders from hotels! In addition to purchase conditions, we can also offer you attractive rental conditions including various services.

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SHOEFILOU® belongs in every hotel room!

The stylish and partly height-adjustable SHOEFILOU´s provide a comfortable and clean shoe putting on without bending down. In addition, they can also be used to store shoes worn during the day overnight (SF3). The furniture, which is made of solid beech wood, is ecological, sustainable and durable. During the development, we took care to offer a piece of furniture that offers the greatest possible benefit for your guests in the smallest possible space - without any floor space. Space-savingly mounted on the wall, low-maintenance for the chambermaids and, if desired, with your own branding, the SHOEFILOU® is the highlight to enhance the furnishing of the rooms. SHOEFILOU® - the upgrade with style!

Shoefilou®-Quality-Design made in Germany:

What we are offering

Der SHOEFILOU® is a high quality product. Made in Germany by various master carpentry businesses. It is sustainably produced in workshops emphasizing the importance of inclusion of disabled people in a working environment. People with different disabilities joyfully do light work.

Further information on our patented piece of furniture:

> Production on order
> Your individual branding/logo on request
> Free delivery available in 50 different decors, individually matching your hotel rooms
> 5 years warranty
> Measures: approx. 310x280x60 mm (12x11x2,2 inch.) (SF1 und SF2)
> Measures: approx. 300x280x50 mm (11,8x11x2 inch.) (SF3)
> Weight: approx. 2,2 kg (4,85 lbs)

You may have special wishes regarding the design and characteristics of the SHOEFILOU´s. Talk to us, we are able to offer you individual solutions.


The inventors of Shoefilou®

Who we are

Here today, tomorrow there. Travelling is part of our daily working life. This is us, Uwe Martens and Gunnar Schlicht, both 40-50 years old. With 20 to 30 job related overnight stays p.a. one day we came up with the idea for SHOEFILOU®. Our personal desire for amenity and for a facility to comfortably put our shoes back on, we developed a new piece of furniture to fulfill all of our requirements. We also considered SHOEFILOU to be the perfect hygienic and practicable solution for hotels. Being hotel owners ourselves, we have naturally installed SHOEFILOU® in our rooms.

SHOEFILOU® is a registered and protected European union trade mark classes 20 and 21.